A Guide to dŌ Wood Fired

The holidays are officially over, which means your cookies, candies, and more importantly your leftovers are all gone. If you’re still craving good, homemade food that doesn’t cost a fortune, you should head over to dŌ Wood Fired in Irwin to give your taste buds a treat.

The Story of dŌ Wood Fired

dŌ – pronounced “dough,” like the stuff you use to make pizza crust – was founded by three local guys: Dave Caruso, Jon Painter, and Chris Martin. They wanted to create a place for everyone, with good food, good atmosphere, and good times.

The mission statement at dŌ is “Bring people together, and give them what they want.” With that vision in mind, this unique pizza place in downtown Irwin was born, and it lives up to its motto every day with a place to gather, and fresh food.

Pizza at dŌ Wood Fired

If you couldn’t tell by the name dŌ is marketed as a pizza place, though they do have plenty of other choices for non-pizza fans. Also, as the name suggests, their pizza is made over a literal wood fire in pizza ovens you can see from anywhere in the restaurant.

Sticking with the motto of “give the people what they want,” you can make your own pizza your way at dŌ. Their menus are similar to the build your own burger sheets at Burgatory, and you fill out what you’ll be purchasing instead of giving an oral order to your waiter or waitress. This ensures that you get exactly what you ordered, a concept that I love.

Guess who was SO excited to eat her food that she forgot to take pictures? Photo courtesy of dowoodfired.com.

The top box on the fill-in menu allows you to customize your pizza with 10 different types of vegetables, five kinds of cheese, and/or seven different meats. The best part? This isn’t like Burgatory, where there’s an upcharge for specific items, or a limit to the number of “free” items you want to add to your pizza. You choose from a 12″, 16″, or 14″ gluten-free crust and pile it to your heart’s desire for one set price.

Of course, if you’re the indecisive type, or you just don’t feel like building your own pizza, you can choose from one of dŌ’s signature favorites like The Margarita, The Philly, or The DCBC. Ingredients for the signature favorite pizzas are listed on the menu, and they also come in the set sizes and prices of the 12″, 16″, and 14″ gluten-free crust. You can also ask to leave an item off or add an extra item onto the signature favorite pizzas for no additional cost.

My personal recommendation would be a make your own pizza with red onions, roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese, pineapple, and ham. Even though Pizza is not one of my favorite foods I ate way more slices than I intended, and took my leftovers home for dinner.


At dŌ they don’t serve sandwiches, they serve dŌwiches. If you’re asking “what’s the difference,” it’s all in the bread. A dŌwich uses an 8″ pizza crust in place of a bun. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered the Italian dŌwich, similar to a regular Italian hoagie but with roasted peppers too. The crust is actually my least favorite part of pizza, so I didn’t know if that would impact my opinion of the dŌwich. It didn’t. The Italian was so good. Huge, but good. I had to take the second half of that home as well.

Unlike with the pizzas, there’s no option to make your own dŌwich by selecting meats, cheeses, and toppings. There are seven signature dŌwiches, all served on the 8″ crust for the same price. However, like the signature favorite pizzas, you can ask to remove a topping from your dŌwich (I got rid of the tomatoes), or add one from the make your own pizza list.

dŌwiches come with chips! Photo courtesy of dowoodfired.com.

While I do recommend the Italian dŌwich, there are other options to choose from if that’s not your thing. Pick from things like The Club, modeled after a club sandwich; The Veggie, no meat allowed; or The Burger, which, you guessed it, has wood fired burger meat inside.

Salads at dŌ Wood Fired

Sometimes, especially at the beginning of the year, you feel like you should be on a diet. Maybe it was your new year’s resolution. Maybe you’ve got a wedding in August and you need to fit into a bridesmaids dress. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to compromise your diet to visit dŌ.

They offer build your own salads, similar to the build your own pizza menu, with the addition of dressings, and four signature favorite salads. All salads come as entrees at one price, though there is an options under the favorites menu to order a side salad at a lower price. This option is listed under “The Gram’s” signature favorite, so it’s possible this tradition salad is the only option for a side salad.

While I didn’t try a salad at dŌ, if the other food is an indicator then the salads are also amazing.

Drinks at dŌ Wood Fired

dŌ carried Pepsi products, which is a thumbs down in my book. Some people don’t, but I think Coke and Pepsi taste different from one another. They do also have pink lemonade though, which saves the day if you’re not a Pepsi product fan, like me.

But maybe you’re not a pop fan at all, and you’re looking for something a little harder, like a beer or some wine. While dŌ does not serve alcohol, it’s not a dry restaurant at all. Their drink service is BYOB. Bring your favorite wine coolers, bottles of beer, or mixed concoctions in travel mugs to enjoy with your meal. Don’t forget a corkscrew or bottle opening if you need them!

Pricing at dŌ Wood Fired

As mentioned above, pricing at dŌ is simple and standard. The bigger the size of the pizza, the more it costs, but your price doesn’t go up whether you add one topping or 10. The same goes for salads and dŌwiches.

The 12″ pizza, the smallest size available, is $10.90, the 14″ gluten-free is $12.90, and the 16″ is $14.90. For every two inches your crust grows, your price goes up $2. This is simple math that even the math challenged (like me!) can do.

Both entree salads and the 8″ dŌwiches are $9.90, fountain drinks are $1.90, and the optional Gram’s side salad is $2.90.

This type of standard pricing is great for people on a budget who also like to eat out. You can decide what type of item you want before you even leave the house. You can check to make sure you have the money to get what you really want, and not have to settle for a dish of applesauce and some crackers because everything else on the menu is too expensive.

dŌ takes both cash and cards too, so you’re covered no matter your preferred way to pay.

Stay Connected with dŌ to Save

The back of the menu also has a slot for promo codes for even more ways to save on your meal. You can connect with dŌ online through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get promo codes and keep up to date on any menu additions or fun events happening at the restaurant and in downtown Irwin in general.

And don’t forget to share your own experiences! Use the hashtags #dŌpiepix, #freshmeatsfire, #testyourbuds, and #irwindowntown to share your pictures with the dŌ crew!

dŌ Wood Fired



  • Monday through Thursday – 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday – 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Sunday – 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Price Range

  • Mid-range


  • Take-out
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Outdoor seating
  • Free Wifi
  • Free parking lot parking

Go-To Meal

  • Make-your-own pizza with red onions, roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese, pineapple, and ham.
  • The Italian dŌwich.

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