Getting to Know Pittsburgh

“Getting to Know Pittsburgh” explores different areas of Pittsburgh life, from restaurants to shopping to photo ops! We love local, small businesses that make Pittsburgh unique and are always on the hunt for new places to experience and enjoy.

Additionally, we know that food preferences and interests are subjective. Not everyone loves tacos, or escape rooms, or taking pictures for Instagram. Places we enjoy may not be for everyone. However, at “Getting to Know Pittsburgh,” we’re committed to shedding a positive light on the best of the ‘burgh. Instead of bashing or cutting down places we don’t enjoy, we simply just won’t feature them, and instead provide you with reviews and recommendations for places we LOVE!

To find more places that we love, we need your help! If you don’t see one of your favorite spots in the city featured, leave us a comment and let us know it exists! If it’s a place we’ve never heard of, we’ll add it to our “Places to Try” list.

In sticking with a positive theme, we ask that you keep your comments and interactions on the “Getting to Know Pittsburgh” blog and social media outlets respectful as well. Think before you post. If you wouldn’t make your comment to someone’s face, don’t make it on the internet either.

Got a suggestion? Leave a reply!

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